Business directories like Yellowpages or Yelp are a good way to market your business. Lots of people search for services in business directories and most of them are totally free to use. If you aren’t taking advantage of this free way to market your business, than you are missing out.

Who doesn’t love free? Business citation backlinks are free to create and can really increase you online presence as well as build the trust of your website. If your business doesn’t show up in the popular business directories in your area, your company probably doesn’t look very reputable to your customers, or should I say your potential customers at best.


These guys don’t screw around. They get thousands of leads every day from people browsing directories looking for businesses that can solve their problems and needs. If your business doesn’t show up in these directories, you can guarantee you competitions websites do. I bet you they are happy that you don’t show up, because that means more business for them.