The number one way to increase real estate leads is to optimize your site to rank for many different keywords. There are many different types of search phrases you can target and their are many ways to go about ranking for those keywords.

Find Long tail Keywords

The first step is to find long tail keywords that you can target. A long tail keyword is a small sentence, for example “las vegas homes for sale” is a pretty long tail keyword. The reason we want to target keywords like these is because typically they are easy to rank for due to the lack of competition.

Figure Out What to Rank

What are you going to rank? Do you have a website? If you do not have a website, my personal recommendation is to create a short video and upload it to YouTube. Google owns YouTube so it is obvious why they would want to rank their videos.

Are “Real Estate” or “Homes for Sale” type keywords hard to rank for?

The short answer is yes. But the long answer is no. If you are trying to rank for “real estate” it is not going to happen, but trying to rank for “homes for sale in Summerlin Nevada” is beginner level easy. The reason is because nobody is really optimizing their site to rank for this long tail keyword. Where as every real estate site is optimized to rank for “real estate” type keywords. They trick is finding low competition keywords.

If you aren’t sure whether to invest in SEO. I encourage you to reach out to a client of ours, her name is Danielle Reed. She is seeing great success with getting leads from longtail keywords as we are ranking her with YouTube videos and also ranking her website for lots of long tail keywords!

Danielle Reed

Danielle Reed – Summerlin Real Estate Agent

Sales Executive at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices