These days the key to internet marketing is search engine optimization. Otherwise known as SEO, this practice is being used by internet marketing agencies around the world. Not only that but lots of people are making millions of dollars per month simply by introducing search engine marketing strategies to their internet marketing strategies.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand SEM. Keywords are what people type into Google and these are what you want to have in the titles of the pages your trying to rank. Not only that but having high authority sites linking to your money site will also help you chances of looking better in Googles eyes. Think of Google as that chick in high school you could never impress. You need to be doing everything that all the other guys are doing to get her attention but you also need to do things that set you apart from the competition. You need to make yourself look more attractive to Bing and Yahoo than your competition looks, other wise they will always rank above you.

SEO can take a long time to take effect and this is why lots of people fail. They try it one time and never go back and try again because they don’t see results the next day. These techniques can take months to have any sort of effect on your websites search rankings.

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